The Best Contact Lenses for Occasional Use

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Many people in the United States and around the world rely on eyeglasses to help them see better. Many people do not like the idea of wearing glasses all day every day and instead opt for contact lenses to correct their vision. But, what about those people in the middle of two extremes? What is the best option for people who like wearing their glasses daily, but want the option of wearing contacts occasionally? The answer to that question is easy: soft contact lenses. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic option that allows you to wear your glasses most of the time, but still allows you to change-it-up when wearing them is too much hassle or you just want a change.

What are Soft Contact Lenses?

Soft contact lenses are made from flexible plastic that combines with water so oxygen can flow through it and get to the cornea. This type of contact lense is more comfortable than it’s hard counterpart, and also helps to maintain eye health.

What Eye Conditions can be Helped by Soft Lenses?

Soft lenses are ideal for correcting a wide variety of eye issues, including:

  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Blurred vision (astigmatism)
  • Age-related loss of close-up vision.

Why Wear Contacts Only Occasionally?

There are many reasons why someone may want to split their time between traditional eyeglasses and contact lenses. Sometimes the reasoning is as simple as wanting to change-up a look every so often. Some other reasons someone might opt for wearing glasses occasionally include attending social events and participating in athletic events.

Different Types of Soft Lenses

Soft contact lenses come in several different types to fit the needs of a variety of people. The types of soft lenses from which you can choose include:

  • Daily-wear lenses re the least expensive option. They may be worn during the day, but must be removed at night so they can be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Extended-wear lenses which can be worn during the day and while you sleep. They must be removed once a week for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Disposable lenses can only be worn during the day, but they do not need to be cleaned or disinfected after removing them. Simply use them for the recommended time frame and then discard them. They come in daily, weekly and monthly options. Disposable lenses are your best option if you truly want to wear contacts only occasionally.

Benefits of Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable benefits have many advantages. Two of the most important are that they are both healthy and convenient. Since daily disposable lenses may only be worn for one day before being thrown out, they are much healthier for your eyes than other types of lenses because there is less opportunity for dirt and bacterial to get built up on them. Further the proteins and lipids that are naturally produced in your tears can build up on contact lenses over time. When you wear daily disposables, there is less time available for that to happen, which makes your lenses more comfortable in your eyes. Additional benefits include:

  • They never need to be cleaned
  • You only need to wear them on days you want to
  • They help with eye allergies
  • Great for participating in sports
  • They fit easily under sunglasses or other protective eyewear.

Daily Disposable Lenses are Perfect for People who Lead Busy Lives

Daily disposables are perfect for people who travel or are on the road at lot.. Using daily disposable eliminates the need for carrying cumbersome bottles of solution and the other necessary accoutrements for other contact lenses every time you leave the house for an extended period of time.

Who Should Wear Daily Disposable Lenses?

Just about anyone who needs corrective lenses can wear daily disposables. To know if this choice is the right one for you, consider these guidelines:

  • You are willing to pay more for your contact lenses
  • Your prescription is available for these lenses
  • You cannot tolerate the build-up that develops on other lenses
  • You have allergies that make your eyes tear often
  • You want minimal upkeep to your lenses
  • Your doctor has recommended these lenses
  • You are willing to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for these lenses.

What do Daily Disposable Lenses Cost?

It is true that daily disposables cost more than other types of contact lenses. But, the costs of individual brand vary, and it should not be difficult to find something that fits within your price range. In general, a year’s supply of daily disposable lenses will cost about as much as a good pair of eyeglasses. Plus, you will also save money on cleaning solution since it will no longer be necessary. So, that offsets the initial cost.

If you have questions regarding daily disposable contact lenses or to make an appointment to discuss if they are the right choice for you, contact Weston Eyecare today.

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