Designer Frames & Eyeglasses Flaunt Confidently With a New Trendy Look

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Eyeglasses are more than just a way to correct your vision. The right frames can complement your facial features and make a fashion statement. At Weston Eye Center, we are committed to helping every patient improve their vision and look great at the same time. Here are the top 2018 trendy glasses styles and colors plus some tips on finding the right shape for your face.

Tortoise shell

Tortoise shell is very on trend right now in a variety of colors. The pattern can add a subtle or bold look. The most popular color combinations are:

  • Natural tortoise shell (black, brown)
  • Colorful tortoise shell
  • White or clear tortoise shell

Natural colors like black, brown and caramel are great for an understated look. Pick colors that make your skin glow. As far as shape, oversized cat eye is very popular for women. Frames with tortoise shell on the upper part and simple wire on the bottom are nostalgic with a twist.

You don’t have to stick to earth tones to be fashionable. The most popular colorful tortoise shell colors are blues and purples. Light blue or teal shades really make brown eyes stand out. Lavender is also a hot color. Mix lavender with red for a unique look.

Any color, natural or bright, mixed with white or clear looks very classy. A black and white tortoise shell in a square frame are popular. You could also try any color mixed with white for a more subtle look while still using color.

Clear glasses

Clear glasses are a surprising new trend. Whether smoky or completely transparent, clear frames are a statement that goes with any outfit. Whether you choose smaller rectangular frames or large and oversized, clear glasses are a trendy choice.

Lipstick colors

Bright colors are a great way to add a pop of color to your look. Bright reds and pinks are mostly suited for women but can also work for men. Mix a bright color like cherry red with black for a masculine look. Deep purple is a really popular color too. Use any color with a flashy frame like cat eye for a dramatic look.

Wood texture

Wood textured glasses are a new trend for anyone looking for an earthy, natural vibe. Though frames aren’t actually made of wood, acetate frames with a wooden finish can be made to look like any type of wood grain. Lighter wood grain looks great on darker skin tones. If you don’t want to fully commit to wood, there are plenty of options that mimic the color of wood. Try a striped gradient pattern with browns for a hint of wood without the texture.

Finding the best glasses shape for your face

The shape of your face determines what shape of glasses will look best on you. Depending on your face shape, you may be able to wear several types of glasses. First, determine which face shape you have:

  • Square (shorter face with forehead, cheek and jaw same width)
  • Heart-shaped (wider jaw with pointed chin)
  • Oval (wider forehead and longer face)
  • Round (wider cheekbones with length and width of face equal)

If you aren’t sure what your face shape is, ask a friend. Or, you can trace the shape in a mirror with soap, lipstick or a dry-erase marker in the mirror. There are also face shapes like pear or triangle but the four above are the main face types.

Best glasses for square faces

Since square faces are boxy, go with a round or oval shape glasses to compliment your features. Aviators, cat eyes or round glasses go well with square faces. Also, try to find rimless glasses which will blend with your face. Do not wear square or rectangular glasses.

Best glasses for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and a sharper chin. To balance these features, go with glasses that turn up at the edge of the eye. Wide, up swept styles like rectangular, retro square and cat eye frames will look great on heart-shaped faces.

Best glasses for oval faces

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. Oval faces look good with basically any shape of frame. Round, rectangular or retro square frames will all look good on oval faces. Be sure to wear the appropriate size glasses for your face. If you have a smaller face, don’t overwhelm it with full framed glasses.

Best glasses for round faces

If you have a round face, use rectangular frames to complement your curves. Browline, rectangle or retro square frames will look great on a round face. Just be sure to avoid round glasses as they will echo your face shape too much.

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