Designer Sunglasses for Women Who Want To Make a Bold Statement

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Few objects scream summer more than an awesome pair of sunglasses. There are tons of shades out there from which you can choose. They come in different colors, sizes and styles. So, there should be no problem finding a pair that suits you. If you are a woman who is trying to make a bold statement with your next pair of designer sunglasses, here are some awesome choices for you to consider.

Tinted Lenses

Of course, the lenses of sunglasses must be tinted. But, this year, the tints that are in style will simply blow you away. If you are tired of the traditional brown or gray tinted sunglasses, then you will be happy to know that this summer, a rainbow of lens tints are the current trend. Tinted lenses come in every color you can imagine from pink and light blue to burnt orange and bright yellow. So, choose your favorite color and go for it, or buy a few pairs so you can match your sunglasses to your outfits.

Oversized Round Glasses

Oversized lenses have been trending for a few years, and they show no signs of losing popularity. Women look bold and glamorous when they don a pair of oversized round glasses. So, if that is the look you are going for, do not be shy to try them out.

Large and Angular Cat Eyes

Round lenses are not the only ones that can handle the oversized look. Angular cat eye lenses can also give you the bold and daring look you have been longing for. You can easily pair oversized cat eye sunglasses with a number of different styles to achieve a casual devil-may-care look or dress them up for a fancier appearance.

Skinny Sunglasses

From one extreme to the other, if you are not into the oversized sunglasses look, then you might be interested in the retro-inspired skinny sunglasses that are gaining popularity this summer. Celebrities have been caught sporting this look on the red carpet, proving it’s a hot look. Reminiscent of the sunglasses of the ‘90s, these shades barely cover the eyes and simply ooze cool.

Thick Frames

Thick-framed sunglasses are making a huge comeback this season. The most must-have looks for these frames are pastel colors or completely transparent acetate, if you want a look that will go with everything.

Metallic Clip-On Shades

If you need prescription glasses and do not want to spring for an extra pair of sunglasses that you can see out of, then you should consider metallic clip-ons. It is the perfect way to merge your prescriptions with a more chic and updated look. If you are seriously into the retro look, this is a style you must adopt.

Square Lenses

Another up and coming trend in sunglasses is the square or rectangle lens. Square lenses are oversized but add a bit of mystery that you don’t get from the round lenses. The square lenses will also give you a more defined look and are perfect for those who want to accentuate the natural angles in the face. Try choosing frames that are brightly colored to add a bit of pizzazz to your look.


Why have full frames when you don’t have to? Another sunglasses trend that is picking up steam is the half-frame look. This style looks particularly good with gradient lenses that are lighter on the bottom and darker on top. Also, if you choose a thicker, acetate frame, you will silently be telling everyone you encounter that you mean business.

Thin Wire Frames

These frames that will forever be reminiscent of John Lennon will never go out of style. Although Lennon made this style of frame famous, women can still rock it with no problem. Lennon’s style transcended time and gender, so these frames will look great on anyone, anytime and anywhere.


Nothing makes a pair of sunglasses more feminine than tons of adornments and embellishments. You can choose anything from a few geometric designs to something more flamboyant like flowers or flashy rhinestones. No matter how you jazz up your sunglasses, you will be sure to be the center of attention.

Semi-Transparent Lenses

If you want to be a woman of mystery, then you need start wearing sunglasses with semi-transparent lenses. Shades with an oversized silhouette will add even more drama to the look. If you want leave a lasting impression and keep people guessing about you, this is a look you need to go for.

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